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When finance becomes a hurdle for your dreams we will help you overcome it.


Our mission is to reach out to people and provide them financial support to reach greater heights and realize their dream.ext

Business Loan
Business Loan
Business Loan
Home Loan
Home Loan
Education Loan
Education Loan


We are a bunch of dedicated people who are here to take the financial sector by a storm. We provide loans and financial services to individuals and business.


Personal Loan

Get your personal approved easily with simple procedures.

Home Loan

Owning your own is not a farfetched dream. Get your home loans easily approved.

Educational Loan

We would be really happy to play a small part in your journey to gain knowledge.

Business Loan

Is finance the only problem to start your own business? Drop in our office and get your business loans approved.

Two-Wheeler Loan

Produce your monthly income documents and easily get your two-wheeler loans.

Car Loans

Your dream car will be standing in your doorsteps before you know it. Get your car loans easily approved.


Choose Loan Amount

First choose the loan amount that you require.

Approved Your Loan

By providing the necessary documents and simple procedures get your loan amount approved.

Get Your Cash

Get the loan amount deposited in your account.


Dedicated Specialists

Our talented specialists are dedicated to providing the best service to our customers.

Success Stories Rating

We have constantly been rated among the best for the service that we provide. We can proudly say that we were and we are a part many successful journeys.

Choose Loan Amount

Choose the loan amount according to your convenience and requirement.


Risks Associated With Payday Loans

  1. Taking out new loans before repaying old ones –

This is a significant matter of concern as numerous payday lenders are willing to give out loans without pulling your credit. As a result, they do not check to see if you have any other payday loans that are outstanding and it is therefore solely your responsibility to manage any previous payments. The more loans you accumulate, the higher your principle and interest amounts. If you notice things going out of hand, it is recommended to consult a credit counseling agency that can enable you to handle all your finances.



  1. Debt depth –

Payday loans are usually taken when all other options for funds fail.  As payday loans are short-term finances, they need to be paid back within a short period of time, sometimes even within weeks. The more you delay your payment, the more you debt increases and this will land you in a credit cycle. For this purpose, ensure you solely stick to your budget and don’t go off limits and apply for loans you cannot afford to pay back.

  1. High Fees and deceiving ads –

Advertisements are simply creative means by which companies convince their target audience they need things are irrelevant to their existence and persuade them into making a purchase. In the case of loans too, companies in the business of lending money do the same thing when they make the consumer feel the need to borrow additional funds to meet a set of created needs. Most people fail to understand the high fees that accompany the payday lending.

  1. Being unable to pay back the loan –


Payday loans are a trap. There are many cases wherein people take up payday loans frequently before the arrival of every payday, and they do not even realize that it is becoming a habit. Research shows that many people tend to pay back the loan at each payday and then borrow again before the arrival of the next payday as they feel the need for more money. Not being able to wait until payday is an expensive and easy habit to get into.

  1. Reduction in credit scores-

Considering payday loans do not require credit scores, borrowers most often do not realize the effect these loans will have on their credit scores.  If these loans are not paid back on time, they will be reported to the bureau as an unpaid debt. Credit has impacts on so many other areas of life as well, such as one’s job. Many jobs tend to pull credit and insurance companies too both pull credit and charge double for customers with lowscores.  Credit scores are a decision-making factor for most lenders and landlords.

Pay Weekly Loans Through a Direct Lender

A direct lender is an organization whereby it lend out money without intermediaries such as brokers and private banks. It does this to eliminate any cost that are paid to those intermediaries so that they can get maximum interest from customers and fully contact with their customers.


Paying weekly loans it means after borrowing money from a certain lender there is a weekly installation you are supposed to pay to finish the loan. A lender company gives their customer the amount is supposed to be paid on weekly basis and the number of weeks he/she supposed to pay. The amount of loan to pay on weekly basis and the number of weeks depends on the amount of loan the customer is being lend.

Different lending organizations have differences on the way their customers should pay on the weekly basis. That is some have a fixed weekly installments and others they set minimum installments to a customer is supposed to pay. The number of weeks the customer supposed to pay depend on amount that has been lend and the weekly installments, that is the higher the lend amount means there are many weeks the customer is supposed to pay with given weekly installments. Also in other case you should note that different lending companies set different weekly installments basis on the amount being lend.

The customer can adjust how much he/she supposed to pay on a weekly basis and for how many weeks by changing their lending amount according to their finances requirement. There may be a calculator online that a customer can use to determine the amount of installment to pay on weekly basis and also the number of weeks he/she supposed to pay. For example in UK there is an online lending organization called Loans at Homes which customer can lend money from £200 to £750 and in this case they can choose 24, 33 or 45 number of weeks he/she will pay.