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Pay Weekly Loans Through a Direct Lender

A direct lender is an organization whereby it lend out money without intermediaries such as brokers and private banks. It does this to eliminate any cost that are paid to those intermediaries so that they can get maximum interest from customers and fully contact with their customers.


Paying weekly loans it means after borrowing money from a certain lender there is a weekly installation you are supposed to pay to finish the loan. A lender company gives their customer the amount is supposed to be paid on weekly basis and the number of weeks he/she supposed to pay. The amount of loan to pay on weekly basis and the number of weeks depends on the amount of loan the customer is being lend.

Different lending organizations have differences on the way their customers should pay on the weekly basis. That is some have a fixed weekly installments and others they set minimum installments to a customer is supposed to pay. The number of weeks the customer supposed to pay depend on amount that has been lend and the weekly installments, that is the higher the lend amount means there are many weeks the customer is supposed to pay with given weekly installments. Also in other case you should note that different lending companies set different weekly installments basis on the amount being lend.

The customer can adjust how much he/she supposed to pay on a weekly basis and for how many weeks by changing their lending amount according to their finances requirement. There may be a calculator online that a customer can use to determine the amount of installment to pay on weekly basis and also the number of weeks he/she supposed to pay. For example in UK there is an online lending organization called Loans at Homes which customer can lend money from £200 to £750 and in this case they can choose 24, 33 or 45 number of weeks he/she will pay.